Ottawa in Colour

Ottawa in Colour collaborates with local talent to showcase what they love most about our beautiful region. Our goal is to create quality curated community-sourced experiences that can be enjoyed by all.

We have moved on to other projects! Thank you for your support. ❤️

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Ottawa’s colouring book

The Ottawa in Colour book is 32 pages of colourable art prints featuring 22 local artists with their answers to the question “What do you love about Ottawa?“.

We commissioned artists with a wide spectrum of styles – animators, illustrators, urban sketchers and more, so each piece reflects the artist’s unique style and vision.

Book cover - Couverture du livre
Preview of some of the pages included in the book. Aperçu des pages inclus dans le livre.
We also offer a large colouring poster.
Artinjest inking a page for the Ottawa Colouring Book Project


Want to see some coloured examples? Check out the gallery.

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Update 2023: We haven’t been very active for updates! But we still are offering products!